ANDES E&C is a professional Design and Build contractor,Our main activity is to provide the full service of construction factory.


ANDES E&C aims at providing professional services for customers at a reasonable price.


Our business activities are oriented towards benefiting the community, by our community services and by creating jobs for hundreds of people who are either directly or indirectly involved. We put a great emphasis on our responsibility for the community and we always strive to do better.


We aim at the same target, share the achievements, and always support each other. Our excellent people are given the best environment to advance; we take advantage of one's strength co compensate for another's weakness, so that our power can be amplified for the best development. 

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Investment Consultancy

To support customers right from the first steps of investment planning, we provide comprehensive services in investment consultancy, including consultancy for investment cost, choosing the location, investment application procedure, and human resources.

Architect, structure, M&E design, Soil investigation

We have many years of experience in even such fields as electronics, dyeing, precision engineering, and garment. We are confident to provide customers with the design solutions that meet their needs at a reasonable price.

Construction, Fire fighting, Environment license

Included in our comprehensive services to give customer a firm foundation for their business, our services for investment application is an important element to help customer avoid the risks in their business.

Reinforced Concrete structure

Being a conventional structure, reinforced concrete structure is suitable for multi-storeys building thanks to its reasonable cost. Our solutions for reinforced concrete structure can produce up to 30% more space for use compared to the traditional solutions.

Steel structure

Steel structure is used for one-storey factories or multi-storeys factories that have to be constructed in a short time. It is popular because the steel is highly recyclable, being more environmentally friendly.

Finishing work

For the finishing work, we use the best materials available on the market with close attention to details. For different customers with different types of factories, we consider all the different characteristics. We understand how important it is and are confident that we have the offers that exceed our customers' expectation.

M&E Work

Like the body's blood, M&E work plays the most important part in the factory's operation. Our offers include: Transformer system, Production Electricity, Lighting system, Water supply and drainage system, HVAC system, Aircompressor system, Firefighting system,...

Scheduled Maintenance, testing and inspection  will provide uninterrupted  operation of he equipment such as Air-conditioner, Generator, water pump, electricity supply and will ensure comfortable working environment .

Scheduled maintenance of building will provide( painting, cleaning, repair etc) will provide a better outlook and ambiance,  any body entering the building will be happy to see it and will come again.




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TEASUNG PROJECT                       

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Vietnam tops ASEAN in luring Japanese investment

Source: http://investvietnam.vn

Almost 1,800 Japanese businesses have invested in Vietnam in the first half of the year, the highest among ASEAN countries

This number accounts for 24.6 percent of total number of Japanese firms investing in ASEAN countries, said Keiichi Kadowaki, chairman of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in ASEAN (FJCCIA).

He was speaking at the 11th Dialogue between the Secretary General of ASEAN and the Federation of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in ASEAN (FJCCIA) recently held in Ho Chi Minh City.

Japan and Vietnam also signed 36 memorandums of understanding worth US$21 billion last month.

“This shows that Vietnam is becoming more attractive to Japanese firms,” Kadowaki said.

Vietnam’s open business environment and robust economic growth of 5-6 percent each year has increased its attractiveness in recent years, he added.

Up to 70 percent of Japanese firms in Vietnam plan to expand their business in the country, as most of them believe that revenue will continue to increase, according to a recent survey by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

Over 65 percent of surveyed firms said they have been profitable in Vietnam.

Japan was the fourth largest trading partner of Vietnam last year, with a total turnover of almost US$34 billion, up 13.8 percent from 2016, according to Vietnam Customs.